2019 Summer Challenge

12 Classes in 21 Days


Listen, every year it’s the same thing..summer comes and we think “eh, I’ll take the summer off.”  Then every September it’s: “ohmygahd why did I take the summer off?!”  Well, the good news is, there is another way.  Just keep it up!  With this challenge you get to keep up your practice AND save this summer!

Practice at least 12 classes in 21 days between June 1-21st and earn $10 off your JULY membership and $11 off your AUGUST membership…applies to any memberships or class card you purchase for yourself in July and August..

The great thing about this challenge is even if you take a few weeks off this summer you will still enjoy the benefits of your membership and get a great deal!

You, like me, want to feel good all year long. So join us and sign up now!

Are you in?


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