21 Day Yoga Bliss Spring Challenge

April 4th-24th




Why a Yoga Bliss Challenge?

Because now is the best time to connect, really connect to YOU! Every time you practice you are strengthening, stretching, healing your physical body.  You are also strengthening, stretching, and healing your emotional energetic body…BIG TIME.

Any day is a good day to start a yoga practice, but the spring is a time of new life, new beginnings, fresh starts.  Use this challenge as a time to reconnect and reenergize.  Maybe you are new or maybe this is even your first dip into a yoga practice. Use this Yoga Bliss Spring Challenge as the jump start you need to finally get started.


Why 21 days?

They say it takes 21 days to create a habit. Eh…does it really? Who are “they” anyway?!

My best guess is it takes more than 21 days to make a habit BUT this is what I know for sure: in 21 days you can shift your energy levels, feel stronger, and experience some awesome physical and emotional break-throughs…all by making a commitment to your yoga practice! Commit. Practice. Focus.

Find out more about WHY we do  Yoga Challenges here ⬇️




Everyone who completes 21 classes in 21 days will be entered to win a One Hour Massage with our onsite massage specialist Nichole. Not only will you feel accomplished and energized…you may win a free massage.  You deserve it!

Sign Up Now.  Here’s how:

Already a Member?
If you have an any unlimited membership, including the new student intro month, then yes you are a member.  Challenge is free for members and $20 for non-members. Sign up in studio on our challenge board and reserve your spot below for our workshop.

Save the date for this workshop! 

We’ll do an extra special 2 hour class/workshop where you will learn about the physical benefits of each posture as well as how the postures effect your subtle energy body systems. We hold a lot of emotion in our bodies, let’s learn how a yoga practice will help you release.


Friday, April 20th

Energetics of Bikram Yoga

FREE for Members (anyone with an unlimited membership)
$20 Drop in Fee for all others

Reserve your spot here

First Time New Students: Buy your Intro Month Here






  1. Hi Where r u located ?

    • We are located at
      536 Bergen Blvd.
      Palisades Park, NJ 07650

      In the Lee Park Shopping Plaza, behind Palisades Wine & Liquors.

  2. Hi. I am not a member. Is this how to calculate the overall cost? 21 days * $20 per session or $420?

    • Hey,

      $20 is the price for the Energetics of Bikram Yoga Class/Workshop, scheduled for April 20th 6-8pm.
      The 21 Day challenge is part of an Unlimited Membership. If you are new to our studio, we have an Intro Month for $39. That’s 30 consecutive days for $30…a great way to try out the studio and the classes. So as long as you have a membership, any unlimited package, including he Intro Month, you can join in on the challenge.

      If you do not qualify for the Intro Month our Monthly Autopay Membership price is $129 a month.

      Hope this clarifies!


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