January 2018 Yoga Challenge

10 Reasons to Participate in BYP’s 2018 Yoga Challenge

January 17 through February 17, 2018

First of all, what is a yoga challenge and why do we do them at all? Glad you asked. This particular yoga challenge is special because you get to CHOOSE YOUR OWN. Set a goal and make a plan! How many classes can you commit to a week? What will it take to help you…
  • Feel stronger
  • Gain flexibility
  • Optimize weight
  • Reduce stress
The trick is to make it a sustainable achievable goal and at the same time pushing yourself to work a little past your comfort zone. Maybe you are already practicing twice a week.  Challenge yourself to come 3, 4, or even 5 times a week.
We know its not easy, but committing to a regular practice is life changing and a challenge may be just the way to jump start your motivation! Sign up for the challenge is easy. Stop by the front desk to register and pick up your challenge card.
If you are a member or you attended Joseph Encinia’s workshop January 13th, you register for Free.  A member is anyone who is past their intro month on an unlimited membership.  If you are a class card holder or still in your Intro month, it’s just $20 to register.
Once you register, you will receive weekly support emails with nutrition information and recipes.  You are also invited to attend our Challengers Only Nutrition Workshop on February 16th, 7:45-8:45.
Still not convinced? Well, here are 10 more reasons you should join!
1.  Be Accountable

When you work with a group, or set a goal “publicly” it helps to keep our eye on the prize.  Let us know what your goals are and we will check in with you as the days go by.

2. Feel the benefits of a regular yoga practice
Use this challenge to jump start a regular practice!  The more you practice the better the results. 1-2x a week is maintenance. 3+ a week you will feel the benefits a lot quicker.  Get stronger, more flexible and reduce stress.  This practice will make you want to take care of your body more.  Because guess what? If you don’t you will feel it on the mat.  And that is okay.  This practice is not about the postures but about how you feel outside of the yoga studio too!

3. Its a great way to get started
Even if you have just started with us you can join this challenge.  Use these next 30 days (actually 32) to commit to the practice.  Dive in.  See what its all about.  Try different times, different teachers, different classes and see how they feel in your body and mind when you practice FREQUENTLY.

4, Create a long term habit
Once you commit to the next month, you very well may realize that you love the way it makes you feel…and why would you want to stop feeling great?!

5. Be a part of a community
You will be working with a group of like-minded people with similar goals in mind.  You will be able to see how everyone else is doing, share your frustrations, celebrate your victories…and hey, a little healthy competition isn’t a bad thing! Can you do this on your own? Of course you can, but your likelihood of success is amplified with just that bit of accountability and group dynamic!

6. Sleep better
You will.

7. Eat better
You will want to because when you don’t, you’ll feel it. With this challenge you will receive weekly nutritional emails to remind you to keep your body best fueled and optimized for this practice.   At the end of the challenge you are invited to a 1 hour Nutrition Workshop with Nichole Gilman.  She’ll give you tips and advice to feel your best and keep your momentum up.

8. Take time for yourself
You deserve to take time for yourself.  And you may be surprised at how much more accomplished and focused you feel the rest of the day.  You know the routine in an airplane: you put your oxygen mask on first before you help others! Same in life.  Self care so you can be a better human in the world!

9. Feel accomplished
You know that great feeling you get when you cross something off your to-do list? There is just something about it! You will feel accomplished every time you get to check off another class that you have completed! You will be inspired by your own discipline.

10. Be a part of something bigger
People have been practicing yoga for a long time.  By practicing yoga you are part of a long lineage of folks who have found that yoga will make you feel energized and gain self knowledge.  It’s time tested.  We know it works. You will too!


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