October 2018 Strength & Stretch Challenge

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Beginning Wednesday, October 10th take any combo of our HIIT classes and Bikram Yoga classes to build up your strength, flexibility and overall wellbeing! One of the best things about this challenge is you set your own goal.  Now is great time to think about your current frequency of practice, and turn it up a notch.  If you practice 1x a week, try 3, try 4, or more! Remember, you can do it if you plan it, schedule it, and commit.

Incorporate both classes into your challenge to feel how these classes perfectly compliment each other. Bikram Yoga and HIIT are both accessible to every body at any fitness level.  As long as you try the right way you will receive 100% benefits! Its doesn’t matter how fast, how deep, or how far you go into any posture or exercise,  it only matters that you show up and give yourself the chance to practice!

Yes, you do get to set your own goal, but who doesn’t love a little motivation! So here it is…

We have a great prize for one of you: a ONE HOUR MASSAGE with our in house therapist Nichole! She’s magic.

If you complete 12 classes between October 10 and the 31st, you will be entered to win. The more you practice the more entries you will earn!

12 classes = 1 ENTRY

14 classes= 2 ENTRIES

16 classes = 3 ENTRIES

18+ classes = 4 ENTRIES




You will feel accomplished, stronger, leaner, healthier and proud. Sign up on our board this week in studio.  Every time you complete a class, get your sticker to track your progress.  On November 1st, our winner will be drawn!

No minimum number of HIIT or Bikram  classes is required.  Take any combination of the classes.

Get ready! Plan it, schedule it, make it real.

See you on the mat.


Reset your practice. Build strength. Create transformation.

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