On the Floor: Posture Clinic with Maureen

Saturday, September 7, 2019

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In Hot 26, bikram yoga, we say the yoga begins with the floor series!

The floor series is the time in class where we are able to go deeper into our bodies.  It is what the standing series of class has prepared us for!

Learn how to work with your body to gain the most benefit…including why backward bending and spine twisting are absolutely epic!

Posture clinics are THE chance to ask all the things you’ve wanted to know about particular postures.  And it’s the chance for us teachers to give you all the details we simply don’t have time to always give in class. We slow it down and deep dive into each and every posture on the agenda.

The room will be warm, not hot. You will split your time between listening, watching, asking questions and feeling the posture in your body. Dress comfortably and ready to do a bit of the postures you love!

All levels. If you are new to the practice this is YOUR CHANCE find out the why and how of this amazing practice!


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