Simply HOT AUGUST Challenge 2019


Welcome to our August Challenge. 

There is still time to join in! This month you can challenge yourself to do yoga on AND off the mat and win great prizes while your at it. Here’s what you gotta do: earn points! Yup, there are some rules to follow, and yup, it will take a bit of tracking and effort on your your part.  But you got this! Below you will see all the ways you can rack up those points to win! There will be weekly prizes drawn every Monday and a Grand Prize drawn on September 2nd.  Someone will win 1 MONTH UNLIMITED at Simply Hot Yoga + Fitness.  To join the challenge you have to have a current membership, class package, or Intro Month.  If you don’t, give us a call and we can sign you up.

Read all the ways you can earn points below and then pick up your challenge card at the studio.  If you like rules and love to watch yourself rack up points, this CHALLENGE IS FOR YOU!


  • Book your class online  – 2 points
  • Wear studio gear (must be your own – SHYF tanks, tshirts, logo pants, logo water bottle or logo towels counts.  (No, old Bikram Yoga Palisades gear does not count) – 5 points
  • Take a picture before or after class IN THE STUDIO: lobby, yoga room, bathroom mirror selfie if that’s your jam, and post it to your Instagram account – 10 points 
    Picture MUST:
    1. be a public post and shareable
    2. be tagged @simplyhotyogafitness in the picture caption
    3. have the hashtag #simplyhotaugust in the caption

    4. be posted by 11:59pm on the same day as your class taken
    **Any posted pics that don’t meet the above requirements will not be counted towards points!**
  • Think we deserve 5 stars? Write and publicly post a Google review.  If you don’t think we deserve 5 stars, send us an email and tell us how we can improve! – 10 points
  • Take class. No double points for double classes. – 10 points
  • Bring a friend who hasn’t been here for at least the past 6 months – 10 points
  • If above friend signs up for the intro – 20 points
  • If above friend signs up for Monthly Autopay Membership  – 30 points



**Post extra pictures to Instagram.  Bonus weekly pictures must meet all of the picture requirements/tagging/hashtags listed above! Any pictures that don’t meet the full requirements will not be counted.** 
You can do each of these once a week for extra points.  10 Points

  • Take a picture or video in a local park doing balancing stick.
  • Take a video at the Beach/Pool (any water activity) doing 5 push ups.
  • Take a video at your local coffee shop doing 5 squats.
  • Take a picture at a bridge, any bridge and do a triangle.
  • Go on a hike amongst the trees and take a pic or video doing a tree amongst the trees.
  • Family/Framily Photo – do a family photo  – 3 or more of your family members, or your friends who are like family FRAMILY 🙂 each doing a different yoga or HIIT pose of choice.
  • Are you on vacation?  Take a vacation photo or video – you’re on vacation,  do savasana.



Weekly prizes:

WEEK 1 –  Fifty/Fifty Simply Hot Insulated water bottle ($39 value)

WEEK 2 –  Canister Superieur Electrolytes + Rockin Green Activewear Detergent ($54 value)

WEEK 3 – Ufit Simply Hot Yoga Towel ($45)

WEEK 4 – Waymat plus carrying strap ($79)

GRAND PRIZE: One Month Unlimited Yoga!




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